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About Buy A Little Dinar

Buy A Little Dinar is the brain child of a group of investors. The team consulted by Ted Burke, one of the dinar industries most seasoned currency advisors, provides for an affordable way to purchase all the different denominations of the dinar notes and coins.

Since 2003, Ted has played a pivotal role with providing his experience and knowledge for many of the popular sellers who are online today. While building his business, until now strictly by word-of-mouth, he has introduced the Iraqi Dinar to over fifty-thousand educated buyers. An educated buyer is someone who understands the Iraq investment and that this is not a get rich quick scheme.

The team behind Buy A Little Dinar is excited about the opportunity to give back to the military men, women, and their families who have made possible the hope for Iraq. That is why Buy A Little Dinar is committed to providing for military based charities.

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