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British Ambassador of Karbala: End of this year will end the problem of Chapter VII to Iraq- Tuesday, June 12, 2012

British Ambassador of Karbala: End of this year will end the problem of Chapter VII to Iraq.

McGill said the British Ambassador Aaron on the pursuit of his country and other countries at the United Nations to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, adding that this problem will end at the end of this year.

He said Aaron during a news conference during his visit to Karbala, attended by a reporter ( news agency News Matk) We are working with our friends and the rest of the United Nations for the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, he would end this problem end of this year, and noted that there are signs of resolving the crisis is encouraging especially after the visit of Prime Minister of Iraq to Kuwait and to agree on all points of disagreement as well as after the presence of the Emir of Kuwait to the Arab Summit, which proves to settle the dispute on the points of demarcation between the two countries and the missing Alkwytatin in Iraq, pointing out that during the end of this year will be out of Iraq from Chapter Section VII.

He said .. We understand the concerns of neighbors about the Kuwaitis, but after two visits to both countries by the Iraqi Prime Minister and the Emir of Kuwait ended the seventh chapter and there is much progress to this point between the two countries.

With regard to the situation in Iraq, he said the British ambassador , said the vision of the British government of Iraq has become different from the past as Iraq has returned to its true role in the regional countries, he said, adding that we do not want any state interference in the internal affairs of Iraq.
He said .. That Iraq now has a parliament, government and elections, a self-governing and do not want any neighboring country or regional interference in its internal affairs as well as we want from the Government of Iraq believes that the democratic process and freedom.

He said that he found after a tour in several Iraqi cities, Najaf, Nasiriyah, Basra and Karbala, now in development that there is a remarkable progress in the proportion of services to the people. as he put it.