Akre Trategic Water Project Started

Akre trategic Water Project started - Kurdish Globe

The project is expected to supply water for 25 years and put an end to consumption of underground water

The KRG Ministry of Municipality and Tourism signed a contract with three Iranian companies to start Akre Strategic Water Project which is planned to solve the water problem in the area for25 years.

The projectis to be completed in 2 years, and will provide Akre and some villages around with water from Upper Zap River.

Dlishad Shahab the Minister of Municipality and Tourism, along with the Republic of Iran consul in Irbil and other KRG officials, stated that at the former Iraqi regime era, people of the Kurdistan Region were only consuming groundwater;which decreasedthe levels of ground water.

Depending on river sources instead of ground water sources is now the strategy of the KRG. "Ground water should be saved for our coming generations." Shahab said in a press conference held in Irbil on October 1st, adding that in the first stage, the government will provide such water projects for the cities then districts and sub districts.

The KRG has allocated about IQD 90 billion to the project which will bring water from Upper Zap River to Akre and isexpected to solve water problems in the area for the coming 25 years. The projectis due to supply water to 120 -- 140 thousand people in the first stage. After the completion of the project, all the water wells, which are about 80 in Akre district, will be closed.

HuseinUzaimy, The Islamic Republic of Iran consul in Irbil stated that the company is one of the most famous companies in Iran and has constructed a large number of such projects in Tahran city. In response to one of the journalists, question regarding having left a project by an Iranian company half finished in Akre, the consul said that he hasn't been informed, and stated that if they've been informed they will investigate such problems.

The project and is due to be finished in 630 daysby three Iranian companies of Omrab, Evyol and Hardam. After the completion of the project, it will supply 3000 cubic meters of water to Akre city and 17 villages around from the Upper Zap River. The project will be able to supplythe area with water until 2035.

In his visit to Bardarash District, The KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani decided that no ground water should be used any more and instead, the KRG will provide other sources of water, as indication of bringing water from Upper Zap River through a strategic project expected to be announced soon in the district, putting an end to the consumption of ground water in the area.